Tips and errors to avoid in the renovation of a bathroom

Here you will find information and instructions to follow when renovating a bathroom, whether it's a large or small room, expert advice is always welcome to bring these projects to fruition. 

List your wishes 

By listing the things you want to renovate, you will have a clearer picture of the work to be done. Whether it's the shower, the bath, the floor tiles, the wall tiles, the sink, the lights, the heating or the mirrors. The longer your list, the more budget you will need for renovation work. 

Inspire yourself to create

To find your inspiration, there's nothing like sites like Pinterest, Instagram or even decoration magazines or bathroom vendors. These different sources of inspiration will allow you to imagine yourself in your ideal bathroom while taking into account current trends and technologies. 

Mistake to avoid: Don't go for something too complex if you want to keep your prices relatively affordable. Indeed, the more complex the work required (inlaid walls, led ceiling,...) the higher the price of the renovation will be. 

Changing the tiling 

Changing tiles, floor or wall? It all depends on your preferences! 

Both styles depend on the type of bathroom you want. Some people opt for mosaics on the walls or floors, others prefer non-slip tiles in specific configurations (Italian shower). 

Mistake to avoid: With experience, we have found that it is best to avoid porous tiles. It is possible to obtain information from the UPEC classification to find out the rating of floor coverings. A water protection system (SPEC) should also be provided for the following areas: tiles, shower tray and bathtub. 

Change the paint 

The choice of paint is important in a bathroom renovation, as the paint must be specific to the room, as it must be resistant to moisture.

A mistake to avoid: choosing a paint that is not resistant to humidity would be a serious mistake and will force you to renovate your bathroom again soon after. The same applies to the plasterboard in the room, which must be waterproof to protect the walls from water or damp. 

Choose your lighting 

Lighting in a bathroom is important, as it is a room that you will use on a daily basis. Opt for LED wall lights, recessed spotlights, a skylight, etc. It is also a good idea to use connected light bulbs and wall lights so that you can manage them from your mobile phone or your connected tablet that manages the equipment in your home. 

Mistake to avoid: The light used should not be too aggressive, as you use this room in the morning and evening. 

State of the plumbing 

Depending on the renovation work carried out in your bathroom, it is important to inspect the condition of the plumbing (shower, bathtub, washbasin) and, if necessary, plan a renovation in this respect.

Bathtub or shower? 

This is one of the main questions that arise when renovating a bathroom. This decision is made according to your wishes and possibilities. If the room allows it, there is nothing to stop you from installing a bathtub and a shower. The bathtub is often the preferred choice when there are children in the room. For the shower, the current trend is the Italian shower, which requires a specific layout. 

Getting support

Abilect can help you with your bathroom renovation projects. Whether it is a tiler, a plumber, an electrician, a mason, a painter, a carpenter, a plasterer, a decorator, or even an architect, we find qualified and local professionals. The follow-up of the work from start to finish is ensured by our company to give you peace of mind during the whole renovation process.

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