5 important things to plan for your move in Switzerland

5 important things to plan for your move in Switzerland

According to Swiss Post, roughly 450,000 households move every year. While the process seems very common, it is not always straightforward. 

We here at Abilect have had a lot of experience helping our customers move homes – both nationally and internationally. In our experience, these are the 5 most important things to plan:

1.    Pre final check-out check 

This preliminary check of your home is conducted by your property management company when you inform them of your decision to move your home. This appointment is vital as it will inform you of the work that your property manager expects you to do before you handover your house or your apartment. Usually, your manager should automatically schedule this visit. However, if you have not received a request for such an appointment, you must ask for one. It will save a lot of time and ensure a smooth handover. 

2.    Updating your home insurance policy 

Your home insurance policy is dependent on a lot of factors notably the size of your home. If you are looking to move into a bigger space or a smaller space, your current insurer needs to be informed in order for them to: 
         a.    Transfer your policy with the appropriate start date (this is also vital for your new property manager if you are looking to continue to rent) 
         b.    Update your premium for the size of your new home

3.    Transferring your telecommunications connections 

Informing your internet, TV, and fixed line provider that you will be moving is vital so that you are prepared to change if in any case your provider does not service the area to which you are moving. 

Alternatively, this is also a nice opportunity for you to try and change your provider anyway to take advantage of better offers and more complete packages. 

4.    Commune exits and commune entries 

One thing to get done as soon as you can is prepare the paperwork necessary to announce your departure from one commune and your entry to another commune. For those holding residence permits in Switzerland – this is vital as it informs the government to which commune, they would need to issue any permit renewals. 

5.    Keep, donate, or recycle? 

Finally, when moving, it’s better to start early when organising the move of your personal items. Leaving it to the end can get you overwhelmed by the number of things to organise and pack into boxes. Going room by room with a keep, donate or recycle objective will help you to steadily organise your move so that when the time comes, you are able to move as smoothly as possible. 
Next steps

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