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Our story

Abilect was launched with the focus was on leveraging existing technology to provide the required digital solutions to optimize and enhance the efficiency of the construction and real estate industry for the entire lifecycle of all properties. For us “efficiency” and “optimization” is rooted in sustainability and digitalisation.

Abilect’s model of digital ecosystem facilitates the adoption, execution and longevity of sustainable construction practices by creating a digital ecosystem that brings together the different stakeholders of the construction and real estate industry. We have already partnered up with major retail, telecommunication, and insurance companies as the first step towards our end goal.

The main goal of our system is to enhance the transparency of the market, improve the communication between various stakeholders and facilitate the coordination and collaboration between the stakeholders. As such, together, we will be able to build and service the properties of the future.

Abilect believes that by providing digital solutions for the construction of the building and thereafter for the maintenance of the properties and the individual needs of inhabitants, companies will be able to increase the value proposition. Our mission and vision are to catalyse a renaissance of the real estate industry – a renaissance that is centred on waste control, sustainable construction material, renewable energy, digital property and energy management.

Additionally, our sustainability practices extend beyond the visible and into communities and economies. Through our model of providing opportunity to local tradespeople to connect and deliver their services to customers within communities, we are also promoting the growth of local communities and economies.

We are more than a platform. We are a community. And we’re looking forward to welcoming you to our family.

Our mission

To provide quick service for our clients and to ensure that every service provider no matter how big or small has an equal chance at providing their services to customers in their area

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