ABILECT is Europe’s trusted and fastest growing on-demand home services provider. We are currently serving Switzerland, Germany, France. We offer services which include Plumbing, Electricians, Carpentry, Gardening, Handymen, Catering, Chauffeuring, Tutoring Lessons, Driving Lessons, Event Planners, Babysitting, Cleaning

Our core objective is to provide you with the easiest and best solutions for your needs at the right time and the right price.

Imagine this. It’s a Friday afternoon and you enter your kitchen and see a leaking tap! You need help to fix it but don’t know who to call. Sound familiar? These small interruptions in your daily busy routines need a platform that will help you organise for the help you need as soon as possible.

Enter Abilect. Forget about hunting for contact details or dealing with customer service. Login or create an account and find the best rated, closest - whatever your preference - service provider to you to address your specific needs in a timely manner. Select a time convenient for you and finish reserving your appointment through our secured booking service. Now all you have to do is wait for your selected service provider to accept your booking and arrive at your door to complete your job. With constant updates on the status of your booking, you will have to worry about nothing except making your booking with Abilect.

Abilect is a platform that caters to all and any of your concerns be it repair and cleaning, tutoring, babysitting or any other option from the variety of service provider industries registered on our website. You may be a homemaker, a working woman, a senior citizen, a student living on rent or a bachelor staying alone. We will help you find the best possible solution for you.

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